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inspectedWindow.eval() uses the same script execution context and options as the code typed at the DevTools console, which allows access to these APIs within the eval. When sending a message to a content script, the background page can use the tabs.sendMessage method, which directs a message to the content scripts in a specific tab, as shown in Injecting a Content Script. Get Started with Viewing and Changing CSS, Inspect and Manage Storage, Databases, and Caches, Test Responsive and Device-Specific Viewports, Emulate Geolocation and Accelerometer Sensors, Navigate DevTools With Assistive Technology. You may also add extensions from the Chrome … Create a method in the content script that takes the selected element as an argument. A DevTools extension adds functionality to the Chrome DevTools. All extension pages displayed in the Developer Tools window have access to all modules in chrome.devtools API, as well as to chrome.extension API. Thus, the APIs are available only through the lifetime of the DevTools window. Start building Chrome Dev Summit 2020 The DevTools page has access to the DevTools APIs and a limited set of extension APIs. In this context, runtime.sendMessage will not pass messages to the background script as expected. through appending a