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We make every effort to keep this page up to date. LITTLE EXTRA: Junior is a loveable goof ball and will keep you entertained for hours. SLEEPING: Rosie and Blair love to sleep inside with you and have access to go out during the night if needed. He is a lovely dog but needs to trust people before he can show his beautiful nature. He is a special boy who needs someone who will give him space, and let him build his independence. PERSONALITY: Brownie is still a pup and needs some positive guidance. Good with cats: No He is slowly starting to show his cheeky side and responds well to human direction. She loves to chase her tail and to chase those pesky flies away! MEDICAL: Gia needs to have grain free dry food and treats. TOILET TRAINED: Yes but still might need a little guidance at the start. Zara has not been exposed to cats but has proven to be well mannered around smaller children. PERSONALITY: Bella is an outgoing girl and needs an active person. OTHER: Rosie and Blair do require regular brushing and are happy for you to do it and both are good at the vets. OTHER ANIMALS: Gia is not good with other dogs. Which means, there may be some dogs that have gone on trial, or there may be the perfect dog for you, yet to be uploaded. She can also be a bit nervous of other dogs on walks so needs to be walked in a quiet environment. WALKING: Junior does love his walks and will also happily just sit and watch the world go by if you let him. He also loves a sandpit where he can dig for his toys as mental stimulation. I’ll be honest though, I’m a bit more of a ladies man and I am a bit nervous around young boys. As a not for profit organisation we rely on the generous support of the community to help us with our mission of saving pets from euthanasia, and finding them a new home where they can live the life they deserve. I am also a lil’ deaf in my right ear and find it harder to see out of my right big bright blue eye too ‍♀️ But really it doesn’t affect me I’m super dooper healthy Blair is the easier of the two to walk. SLEEPING: Gia would love to be inside at night time sleeping on her bed but during the day she’s happy to be inside or outside chilling out. If you need a supportive human in your life. Both wear a harness to walk in. We are also appealing to the public for CCTV & Dashcam footage from Grundy Terrace, Christies Beach, South Australia. She would benefit from ongoing training as she is enjoy her training time with her carers. She would love someone to let her inside and let her cuddle up to you on the couch. WALKING: Brownie has come leaps and bounds at his walking. Adoption Fee – $550 (pair) includes current vaccination, microchip & desexing. She is really sensitive to how your feeling and is learning how to respond to that. Email: When other humans let them down, we won’t turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Brownie needs someone willing to continue to teach him his house manners and offer him lots of mental stimulation while your out. She is always excited to see them and just loves to be with them. Click on the image of each dog to view their profile and applicable adoption fee. Alternatively, applications can be emailed to: We ask that you familiarise yourself with our Adoption Process and ensure you provide us with the required information. Site Directory. Our adoption fee seeks to cover the above-mentioned costs, administration fees and overheads to keep SAHARA running. He just needs consistency with rules. OTHER ANIMALS: Fatty would prefer to be in a only pet home so he doesn’t have to share you. SAHARA South Australia Humane Animal Rescue formerly SA Dog Rescue is … To apply to adopt please email us at with subject line “Attention: Boyana Re: Star Cattle Dog X”. She loves her crate and sleeps there at […] News; Events; Gallery; Newsletter; Dogs adopted: 9,274. Phone – O’Toole Lawyers: 08 8232 6263[0]=AZWMo2xlZviGXBPPZaS0KfgmxAt2K3PRvkzNnjCyVY3PRcMS9hGAI6x0SsNJAw4GfMY3fH6UfzNR4QWwCCbKolm0DQMNg6bG3Bf_yE4ENXItwdqLuy4LHq1NV-9Gw-QapgNOhDwU77MhwfVk4efMHvp_Bkhl8yfLz-PkgDIfHB7Tr5b3v893LnRsZ1sVkWSDyhM&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZXbbgWMrUAJ-zCUal5oFJY0p-EewYEcWTSGO6Gr-fIaMFwHumKKn287n7hZyR7W6ZRzZrAKF52NqFq9CsnyZHfBf3J9ZZ3Niuy8C4L6sQE0-tiVauwWcXcsONDzNb6jSsa7ek-4zA_DfOVdoJUryoQ3S3xvahGg4_P_0vk4q7IcEvygHXYPpfMTELHq5iFbMSQ&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZV7Ufijo83QAj8tVzDlZr-erJ-1V-j6WKa2LMJw87RS1r_tSRhqzH-yvXO5w5KkAKlBbMK67dKVlIxUD-HqR5vAyRiDBGvgiEnncfWtP13PAoy0qLvCla_hp0BF76aqVnxItxmHOK-t9Lly9nm8bJJp&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZVWZC8MKPE0_adyWWWyWFesoT9-gO5B5gZwAG2z7N7cq1EarE-XWK1HKSSFXyiQwvJvPML2CatrqFB97wdzsJ2dL8dITeXHgwvmDJMPnKDeucbRACgtWo7GvvLtbIQNK4_mkWy6bx8IcaGgktqqhc8r&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZULYMo9_ZSyEaE2lqu3ZjR8Lk0-NB1n58dmyTae3JPXSgqEKSC09T0Eza2tOu2S5FDRnVWab97XmgVfnshiyuWsnrUoHVxvlxwN7dcuzmxmnFYVc44RJ45uY6w8r6p1St0vcoRxT_nxgBi87UAzHfIu&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZUaK6hr9oHY1E01bsDp5uID7HT_Y1tyRIxv-8U5a9JCBMhx1_v1vd7RxUuuGGLn9U8goiJNRI2qu4zwjJZc2VSOMbMMKecQQa2BGtzyMwHcst3wGqqOjkcK3lHdZ9qlJ2NcZFFEcV11GjUGjoIIVULO&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZW_7jv1Bb2PEViIIIyiojytMV8L-CRQnh3SLcfuaRdWcUqf-TEnlA6q-jQwWOKjMGEabzPNQzZzlXeEo3SX8AJP1zGOPKTPpQVS__c7HFE1mTampqsU1hR2wQnShYwErrP5MeGPwarh6UJN1NQ2nxlc&__tn__=R]-R,[0]=AZUeWp0P3xQRkhDUSuwRzFvFQB_x08dSKOQFjwYuUGFwaVPMSsdcRGYDHMLAokpH2j-r3m-jP3COylIjEi5BTkGV7XgXZxMk8WrP3oXXrGgSUeix2Qt4yH6vFCozkwx0zY0JLWe3mV_YO2kga-MYHRzlarnWGjHk6gaLiLfwabR8fw&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZVBdwLoBse8FE9CLd3-659v6gLWHb7sSYjJpscz-Y21jMvyNS-QoG7IT5yvLGvhlSOCwfnuDsqiAx5HWXKjbkG2YGUl2WZm-ttSbefEwFDNa4qyI1S-z2PeJBbk_APnDnYgqTF6Srjhk3Xh1_cTXIN5&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZW8ihDE8_poewWPLsxh2ANJ5bvE0Z-cIqKAavQdMyruD7Fpvc9w1y1MIuw7qErQIwHoxydzrDX0ZzDGp4sO4p9G3lnXKQ4GPIclyJNBb6V_vhUlyZTtZ0srFPpNApIIc4xYXm_5WOMoIqfflcqAhCMx&__tn__=R]-R,[0]=AZVfqnk7bCw2vl02mRzIvJoUg2PuggHAbPuyyfg3SogrMS3pKvbQMH-K8ziOIcIrK2D3nLNIcxIsv5Dcxhy9J4H_YdpR5inTgk9RKIbDFyZ4GVVwNXfr7YPaMT5fu5Ir1mttAIyWdE1mDgxg9WTqNBha&__tn__=R]-R,[0]=AZWKmqTXt1EnR8_RufuK968s3SPf3eWEpEJD2_ejWrrzx2JbwEAqNdFkUBScSR2imlU95-YrNFYVb7pCoXhFCZO0hh93sMvOHeWKftvg6_bnV16D7NzLAuk_lCW6cq_QP9m-cs5M3cZfFVrH_whlEWMt&__tn__=-UK-R, De-sexed (exceptional circumstances may apply i.e. OTHER: Beau is a great companion dog and would suit someone who wants a loving dog to be a part of an older family. South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association (SAHARA) is a registered not-for-profit organisation with a no-kill approach to rescue. Your support will make a huge impact in the lives of the animals we save, we are forever grateful! SLEEPING: She sleeps well, on her bed or on the couch. Rosie needs some training and guidance to walk as she is interested in smelling and looking in everyone’s yards. He’ll bark at storms and fireworks if left outside, but is fine inside. He would benefit from a family that can give him plenty of mental stimulation to keep him busy while your out. I’d love to chill with you while you watch T.V. We were able to do this thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the support of many supporters and businesses. She can be protective over her owners so would need someone able to give her confidence and build trust. or read a book, anything really… oh and show you that I can sit. Good with kids: Yes – teen + BREED: Bull Arab x Mastiff She would love a running buddy to take her for a daily walk. Once he’s settled he won’t do it again. ... SAHARA goes through a considerable amount of effort to re-home your pet. When other humans let them down, we won’t turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved. URGENT PLEASE SHARE He loves to be around people. SAHARA takes in the ill, injured, seniors and animals on Death Row that are often overlooked, even by other rescues and shelters; as in the heart of every stray, lies the single desire to be loved. He’s also the biggest sweetheart when he it suits him. She knows ‘sit’, and ‘come’, and sometimes ‘stay’ or ‘wait’. Zeus has been crate trained. Must have Breed Experience and a secure rural property. SLEEPING: Zeus enjoys sleeping in his crate at night.[0]=AZVOy8DsPUzc5Iu3NWmW_ffvUCVyqDlLm8taSEFyZfUJk-YJiBvwUrElCgKnGZKa_Rbjr5In2tBDS3g2ZcNialprTPY3OnVeMQTgRVO13yr5LPRpQqqJdOMOH2DwBm_qTVQqAtVzdBXz-47Aa3i2ITljKi2k5bUmg0La3AyKQXePGA&__tn__=-UK-y-R,[0]=AZVOy8DsPUzc5Iu3NWmW_ffvUCVyqDlLm8taSEFyZfUJk-YJiBvwUrElCgKnGZKa_Rbjr5In2tBDS3g2ZcNialprTPY3OnVeMQTgRVO13yr5LPRpQqqJdOMOH2DwBm_qTVQqAtVzdBXz-47Aa3i2ITljKi2k5bUmg0La3AyKQXePGA&__tn__=-UK-y-R. Hellllooo I’m Eddie or Mr Ed – up to you I am a water baby and loveeee swimming, do you like swimming too? age, health. Taz is a very timid boy who needs someone special to be the centre of his world. To apply to adopt please email us at with subject line “Attention: Holly Re: Taz – Cattle dog”. Introducing SAHARA’s ladies’ man. He sometimes when excited can be mouthy. LIKES: Bella loves to chase balls – she’d do it all day if she could. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. OTHER ANIMALS: Garry hasn’t had much experience with other animals and is suited to an only dog home. Our adoption contract includes a clause that should the animal need re-homing at any time in its life, we are to be contacted and the animal returned to us. He just needs to fee the love in return and he will be your sweetheart. 2018 was a huge year for all of the volunteers at SAHARA. TRAINING: Rosie and Blair can sit, shake and wait for their food. He would benefit from continued obedience lessons and someone willing to provide lots of mental stimulation to help with his energy levels. Boof only knows his life with Indy in it, and Indy wouldn’t have it any other way. Rosie loves a cuddle when she wants it but would happy have a neck or back scratch at any time. They do need mental stimulation to help burn their energy. To apply to adopt please email us at with subject line “Attention: Leah Re: Nahla – Staffy”. Free key tags can also be requested via email to placing “Drakes Community Dollars” in the subject line should you not be able to secure a tag from any of the nominated locations. This means that, on adoption, every pet rehomed through SAHARA will be: In exceptional circumstances, the abovementioned may need to be arranged during or shortly after trial end. We know that person is out there, if you think it’s you – please email us. SAHARA op shop at Unit 6/ 9 Gale Road, Evanston South Contact us for any questions LIKES: Gia loves car rides, being included with her family’s activities and playing around the yard. But they do need reminding at times. WALKING: Garry is good on his walks and enjoys getting out the house but prefers to walk in quieter areas. Meet Sahara! What’s the catch? Therefore, they are looking for someone to love them both equally. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Bella does well at home, but prefers the company of someone home often. OTHER ANIMALS: No they require a pet free home. She loves soft toys or toys that squeak. He’s a very bouncy dog and gets excited easily. AGE: 4 years old (2016) Thank you for believing in our mission. I promise I’m an easygoing boy, and loyal too! His needs not ours. He would love someone to continue on with his training. DOG FRIENDLY: No in home . I am such a sweetie pie (if I say so myself ) and cant wait to spend my days hanging out with my new fam-bam Thank you for your understanding! LITTLE EXTRA: Gia’s foster carers say that she is a beautiful girl who is looking for the right person to be her companion. Good with dogs: Submissive dog We would like to highlight that SAHARA takes in the ill, injured, seniors and animals on Death Row that are often overlooked, even by other rescues and shelters. He just want to show someone how clever I can be. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Junior does love a big yard to roam around in and plenty of toys to chew when you’re out. To apply to adopt please email us at with subject line “Attention: Leah Re: Indy and Boof – Staffy duo”. Our animals are vet checked and we make every effort to ensure they are in good health at the time of adoption. OTHER: Fatty does get excited when he goes to a new environment and may try and mark it as his. TRAINING: Fatty has not had much training but is mastering some commands since coming into our care. OTHER ANIMALS: Zeus prefers to be a solo dog at home and sometimes plays with dogs outside the home as long as he’s properly introduced. Dependant on meet outside of home. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. Click on the image of each dog to view their profile and applicable adoption fee. Should this be required, it will be agreed in consultation with the applicant (new owner). This does mean he is a no to kids (even visiting) – sorry. Alternatively, applications can be emailed to: with the subject line: “Att: [Coordinator Name] Re: Dog Name – Breed”. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. Harley is smart, sensitive dog & loves to interact with you. Collect your free tag from any of these locations: LIKES: Zeus love learning new tricks and is very good at listening. She makes a great friend and listener. SLEEPING: Garry loves sleeping inside on his bed. PERSONALITY: Gia is very wiggly and always love to be around you and follow you around the house. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. He can get nervous during storms. This means: no euthanasia for space, high-medical costs or unnecessary deaths in any way. They both enjoy licking peanut butter from a Kong. When you shop at Drakes stores you are supporting not only local businesses, but also our not for profit SAHARA. Bella needs to be the only pet in her home. Adoption Fee – $450 includes first vaccination, microchip & desexing. Fatty is a good boy inside. But I’ll warm up to you I just need some time. DOG FRIENDLY: No – ok outside of home with proper introduction. Phone or Text – S.A.H.A.R.A: 0408 808 115 He does like to talk (bark) at you to get your attention. STOLEN DOG – REWARD To apply to adopt please email us at with subject line “Attention: Holly Re: Archie – Mastiff”. Rocket Dog Rescue. WALKING: Beau can be overexcited by other dogs on walks so needs someone willing to help with his excitement levels and manage them. Footage currently requested is for the date of: SATURDAY, 23/5/2020. TRAINING: Garry is very good with his training and is very well clicker trained. SLEEPING: Brownie does love a kennel to rest in in but would love even more to be inside by your side with the right person. )… she, like most humans, loves dogs too! LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Garry is good at home alone and prefers a home with minimal visitors and a quiet home. LIKES: Garry loves walks and enjoys learning new tricks. LITTLE EXTRA: Brownie’s carer can see so much potential in this guy with the right person. You see, Nahla likes to to be included in all things she considers human… like cuddling on the couch… spending quality time with other humans… catching up on gossip… exercising with humans… helping humans with all tasks especially hoovering food that may fall on the floor (team work! DACO114926 ; Close. I would love someone to give me a chance to show them how much love I have to share. LITTLE EXTRA: Bella’s foster carer say that this girl has a great love for games and being active. LITTLE EXTRA: Zeus’s foster carer say that he will make the best buddy for a young and active couple willing to take him out and about and to training. One of their big loves is water and and could play in the pool for ages. LIKES: Brownie loves to play in water and with toys. TOILET TRAINED: Yes but likes to have access outside if she needs to go. He is treat motivated and very patient so he is easy to train. SLEEPING: Beau sleeps inside on his bed but loves a cuddle on the couch at night if you’ll let him. He needs someone committed to him and giving him the chance to show someone how good he can be. At the end of two-week trial, all ongoing costs are the responsibility of the new owner (e.g. Zara has shown to ignore dogs around her and whilst on leash (and in ‘training’) but does have dog aggression off leash towards certain dogs. Junior can be a bit bouncy when excited and needs reminding to stay down. LIKES: Beau loves to play and loves his walks. Beau hasn’t had much exposure to other animals. DOG FRIENDLY: No in home environment. She loves interaction, cuddles, being with you on the couch. I can be independent and won’t mind you leaving me to go out or to work. Lee at Quality Pet Food, 2/ 245 Fletcher Rd, Largs Bay. Blair is a cuddle bug and will have cuddles all the time. We pride ourselves on responsible adoption practices. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Rosie and Blair are good girls when left alone. She loves to please you, learns quickly & adapts quite easily to different situations & people given time & encouragement. He would make a great companion dog for someone active looking for company. He’s young, brown & white, Border Collie. SLEEPING: Bella has been an outside dog but prefers the company of someone inside the home and would much prefer a space inside. We’re working on a fix but in the interim please email 4.097 Personen sprechen darüber. TRAINING: Beau knows basic obedience and is very well toilet trained. OTHER: Gia can be anxious of younger children so requires older 15+ teens and adults to help her gain some confidence. LOCATION: Grundy Terrace, Christies Beach OTHER ANIMALS: Bella hasn’t been socialised with many dogs and would need someone to be understanding of this if she is to meet new dogs. He can ‘sit’, ‘shake’ and ‘wait’ for treats of course! WALKING: Harley loves to sniff on her walks and can pull at the beginning of walks but is improving with he foster carer. And, now let’s introduce 8 year old Boof! PERSONALITY: Harley is a unique character and loves to be close to her companion. This contact page is experiencing difficulties. SEX: Male Pro Tint Adelaide, 24 Aldershot Ave, Salisbury We ask that you familiarise yourself with our Adoption Process and ensure you provide us with the required information. TOILET TRAINED: He’s currently an outside boy and will need some reminding at the start to help with toilet training. Should we find your pet advertised elsewhere, we will withdraw your pet from our advertisement immediately. Sometimes I try to escape so I need somewhere pretty secure, but other than that I’m the goodest boy I’m a good walker, I love walks actually, I am awesome in a car, I am also super food orientated and love a good treat ☺️ LITTLE EXTRA: Rosie and Blair would love a family with a big yard so they can burn up some energy playing and that has time to continue individually training them. PERSONALITY: Rosie and Blair are both very sweet girls. LIKES: Junior loves his home cooked meals, loves to play tug-o-war and especially chase his ball. Adoption Fee – $450 includes current vaccination, microchip & desexing. WALKING: Gia enjoys her walks during a quiet time of the day when other dogs are not out and about. We can offer no guarantees as to their condition long term. This will also be shared with investigating parties: Police and Legal Team. The way to his heart is with quality time! He is very protective over his toys and food. We are potentially looking for cars with him inside or anyone leaving on foot in the hopes we can piece together how Toby went missing. That’s right ladies – Archie aka real-life teddy bear, is on the hunt for his special lady!

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